Kathy. A. Parson has appeared in several films and stage productions. Her most recent projects are feature film "Broken Silence" and a short film entitled "Losing Faith" just to name a few. Kathy is a very versatile actress and she masters every role she takes on.

Kathy Parson always had a love for drama.  Growing up; she acted in church and school plays.  In high school; she studied drama her Freshman year.  In 1988 Kathy displayed her acting talent in the Miss Indianapolis Black Expo Pageant.

It wasn’t until 2015 that Kathy returned to her passion and auditioned for her first Live stage production; What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Strong; by Lenoir Productions; in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Kathy was a supporting actress by the name of Peaches.  That part landed her a role in the film My Brother’s Shadow; with Maydwell Productions; in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Filming was completed September of 2016.  In August 2017; Kathy watched herself; on the big screen at the private screening at Glendale Theatre in Indianapolis, Indiana.


October 2017; Kathy had a supporting role in DP Demarco Productions; live stage production; Dear Diary He Beats Me Cause He Loves Me. Kathy played the character Mi Mi; a mother of a son; and the aunt of a young woman who was being abused by her husband.

June of 2018 Kathy had a lead role in LAA Productions short film and live stage production; Fashion, The Story.  Filmed and shown in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In November 2018, Kathy had a lead supporting role with DP Demarco Productions live stage production Her Lies His Secrets; which had a successful sic sold out shows; in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Kathy played the role of Ms. Kendricks. Ms. Kendricks is a classy, successful woman; however she has a dark side that displays a manipulative, controlling, psychotic personality.  This stage production now has a Part 2; which will run one show in February 2019.





  • LeNoir Productions  Indianapolis, Indiana  - Supporting Actress - What Doesn't Kill You 

  • Maydwell Productions  Indianapolis, Indiana - Supporting Actress - My Brother's Shadow

  • Demarco Productions  Indianapolis, Indiana - Supporting Actress - Dear Diary He Beats Me

LAA Productions  Indianapolis, Indiana - Lead Actress - The Story 

Demarco Productions Indianapolis, Indiana - Supporting/Lead Actress - Her lies & His Secrets

Pearls Productions -  Indianapolis, Indiana - Lead Role - Broken Silence                                                                                                                                                                                     

Pearls Productions Indianapolis, Indiana - Lead Actress - Losing Faith 

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